• GHK founded in 1959.
  • Currently have oil and gas ventures in Oklahoma and Kansas.
  • Pioneered deep natural gas drilling in the Anadarko Basin of Western Oklahoma.
  • Drilled and completed the deepest and highest pressure exploratory wells ever drilled that required numerous technical firsts, setting dozens of world records which opened up the Deep Anadarko basin to future development.
  • Discovered the fields that eventually led to the giant Strong City District Fields of Western Oklahoma that to date have produced 4 Tcf of natural gas and 88 million barrels of oil.
  • Discovered the Potato Hills Field in the geologically and geophysically complex Ouachita Fold and Thrust Belt of Southeastern Oklahoma.
  • Historically operated about 10% of Oklahoma’s best producing natural gas wells.
  • Drilled and operated 233 wells – the majority high pressure and below 15,000 feet – without a blowout.
  • Since 1959, has maintained a 76% success rate for all drilling operations, including a large number of wildcat and rank wildcat exploratory wells. 
  • 91% success rate for drilling operations since 1995.
  • Initiated Tonkawa horizontal play in Western Oklahoma.
  • 12 horizontal wells – 100% success rate.

GHK is a private, Oklahoma City-based natural gas and oil company. Founded in 1959, GHK was named for its three founders: Laurence Glover, Robert A. Hefner III and David O’D. Kennedy. Hefner initiated the partnership, led the growth of the organization, and today is sole owner. He continues as the Chief Executive Officer of the company.